Colorado and Hawaii, ocean and mountains, resonate deep within my soul.  The power of nature’s ocean crashing across a black sand beach, or the quiet whisper of a breeze through aspen gold speak to my spirit and inspire the creation of images that reflect their beauty.  Paw prints in the snow (and more on the nose of a playful dog) bring a whimsical twist to some images, the clean lines of a majestic stallion add a deep strength to others.

The natural world is literally a breath of fresh air, be it under the warm Maui sun with the salt spray on my cheeks, or high in the crisp air  on Crystal Peak under the flawless sky, the grandeur of nature feeds a primal need in every person, and infuses all of my art.  I find serenity in a birds song under a tropical waterfall, and in the ernest activity of a marmot scurrying over a boulder field.

I use the infinite texture, and elegant, complex simplicity of natural forms as my foundation, then add a dash of human ingenuity and a flair of inspiration to create images that reflect my heart’s spirit and passion.

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