My lifelong passion for the arts began at an early age when my grandfather, Fred Neher (a nationally syndicated cartoonist) launched my artistic journey. That continued through performance art as a gold medal figure skater, which taught me both the value of hard work and personal expression.  Later, after I earned my degree in Speech Communications from the University of Hawaii, I became an elementary school teacher, where I leveraged my love of the arts to help students develop and nurture their own creative muse. 

I’ve been a partner in DASS Art since it was founded, working to innovate and share those unique processes.  I’ve delivered dozens of workshops to hundreds of students, guiding them in returning the art of the hand, to the digital darkroom.  I find it incredibly rewarding to teach other artists and photographers to express their full creative vision.  My own art combines my love of nature and rich organic forms with both digital and studio techniques to create unique works that reflect many varied experiences from my life.

When we’re not off exploring the wonders of the world, my home is in the Colorado mountains with my husband and our four-footed children, where I enjoy nature’s art outside the windows every day.

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